Academic Programs with IBM

We believe that education and training must lead to jobs. Today, the markets are globalised and an so should the education. Industry led education and globally oriented education today is a requirement rather than a luxury. Education must be relevant for the society and must lead to employment. Our programs, in participation with global Industry leaders, endevors to achieve the objectives of employment, leadership and state-of-the-art education.

Our B Tech Program

  • The industry partner identifies the industry needs and develops content to be substituted into existing curriculum.
  • CLi then provides a platform ,infrastructure,logistics support and governance for the program.
  • The program will run for 4 years
  • The B.Tech program is currently being offered for the CS and Telecom Engineering departments of academic institutions for a total of 15+4 specializations respectively

The Certificate Program

  • When changes to the curriculum are not possible, we offer industry aligned courses that will run alongside existing curriculum, and students can still get specialized industry driven education.
  • This will be in the form of a certification program(1year)that will run for a maximum of 200-240 hours(including a 50-70 hours project)
  • Student will receive a certificate upon completion, from our industry partner, such as IBM
  • The areas of this certification program will be technology and domain based, for example-Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, or Broadband Telecom
  • Mixed mode delivery
  • Scalability
  • Modelled on experiential learning
  • Access to emerging technologies
  • Periodic planned interaction with Subject matter experts
  • Near real time project scenarios
  • Collaboration – publish, teach, lead, participate, blogs
  • Connect – mentors, experts, projects, industry
  • Engage – events, news & announcements, help-desk
  • Extras – reports, entrepreneurship, unique ideas
  • Performance – rating, analysis

The University

★    Improve the quality of education★    Better aligned to participate in innovation on a global platform

★    Improves faculty knowledge

★    Enhanced utilization of existing institutional infrastructure

★    Use of an online platform reduces cost and improves quality of education delivery, and time to respond to students

The Students

★    Emerging technologies are made more accessible to students★    Will be better prepared to fit into the corporate environment

★    Increased employability

★    Participate in innovation and research projects on global platform

★    Experience of near real life project scenarios

★  Experiential learning

The Industry

★    Increases the depth of talent in the industry★    Allows industry options to select from a larger pool of qualified resources

★    New recruits require lesser training or bench time.

★    Higher billability of new resources, due to reduced training time